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The C4-S is an amazing portable charcoal grill that packs a punch! There is not another charcoal grill that’s as small and well built as the C4-S. The C4-S stainless steel portable grill is a proven winner in the Steak Cookoff Association. But now, we have an all new C4-S that’s ready blow up the Steak Cookoff Association.  

Introducing the C4-SCA Competition Package.


Package includes the all new redesigned C4-S for supreme steak dominance. Every piece of this package has been designed to fit nicely inside the C4-SCA.

Dual intake C4-S.

The all new C4-S features an intake on each end. The intake airflow runs underneath the charcoal grate and around the charcoal insulation sleeve for maximum airflow. 

Available in Gloss Fire Red Powder Coat , Semi Gloss Black Powder Coat, or Polished Stainless Steel with the SCA logo cutout.



16 gauge 304 stainless steel body, legs, and damper covers. 

304 stainless steel handle. 

304 stainless steel piano hinge.

304 stainless steel fasteners.

Steel latch with comfortable bright red rubber tip.

The all new 16 gauge stainless steel charcoal insulation sleeve.

This new sleeve not only insulates your C4-S and protects the exterior, but makes your C4-S even more fuel efficient. With only 12 briquettes of charcoal or with a very thin layer of lump charcoal, your C4-S can reach grate temperatures of up to 600 degrees! This 7.5” X 9.25” X 3.375” sleeve greatly improves the C4-S grate temperatures with very little charcoal making this the most efficient portable grill on the market. The GrillGrate Panel sits directly on this insulation sleeve with no interference between the charcoal and the GrillGrate Panel. 

If you prefer a taller charcoal insulation sleeve, we offer a 4" tall version that can be used in all C4-S Portable Grills in the Accessories section. 

1/4” thick 304 stainless steel charcoal grate. 

We all know the first thing to usually replace on your charcoal grill is the grate. Nickel and porcelain coated grates eventually crack exposing rusted steel underneath. Thin little stainless grates are usually just too flimsy. Not ours! We make our grates in house from thick 1/4” 304 stainless steel. These grates should last a lifetime!

1 set of GRILLGRATE Brand Panels.

Two 5.25” X 9.25” interlocking panels for a total of  10.25” X 9.25” cooking space. Flip these panels upside down for a great flat top cooking surface!

The Over-Under.

This all new low profile Over-Under can now be stored inside the C4-S! This solid stainless steel grate extender also turns your C4-S into a mini oven. You can close the back lid of the C4-S while using the Over-Under to create a wonderful convection. With 3 temperature probe holes on top, you can check your internal steak temperature while your steak is inside the Over-Under. You can literally watch your steak come up to perfect internal temperature! Made from 16gauge 304 stainless steel and features a 1/4" 304 stainless steel removable grate.

4.5” of total height with a grate height of 1.75”

M Tools.

Included is our stainless steel grate removing tools that are not only great for removing your hot grates and stoking charcoal, but make a wonderful kickstand for your lid!

Side Arm.

We also included our patented GRILLGRATE BRAND stainless steel cleaning tool. This tool makes cleaning your GRILLGRATE panels quick and easy in the heat of competition. No worry about grate cleaning bristles falling out on your grates. It's safe, fast, and it will open up your cold ones in a hurry! Made of 304 stainless steel.


Cleaning your C4-S can not be easier! Simply remove your grates with the supplied M Tools. Walk over to the burn barrel and dispose any ashes directly from the C4-S body. It's that easy!

All New Colors!

The C4-SCA will be available in Powder Coated RED OR all Polished Stainless Steel. The new C4-S will be available in a variety of other colors as a stand alone grill very soon! The stainless insulated charcoal sleeve will keep the extreme heat off the walls of the C4-S and keep the finish looking great. The same goes for the Polished Stainless option. We highly recommend only using the minimum amount of charcoal inside the sleeve and never filling it all the way up. Doing so can damage the powder coated finish. If you like to get your grills extremely hot (600 degrees at the grate or more), then we recommend going with a Polished Stainless Steel finish. Always start with a minimum amount of charcoal (12 briquettes or thin layer of small lump charcoal). 

All of this in one small 26lb package that will fit in a suitecase!





*Shipping this item will incur a surcharge Australia wide due to weight & size 


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